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  • It was a comfortable silence and, again, unprompted, she said, “I read what you sent me.”Recently, I had sent her some pages from my new website, Creative Soul Works. I sent it along with a photograph of myself and my dog, Phoebe.”Did you like them?” I asked, knowing, amazingly, that I would feel comfortable even if she were critical.She said,…[Read more]

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  • Remember your size when looking, the larger knit sweater seen on the latest runway, may not fall into your flattering category for your petite frame. Try putting different things together, maybe a lightweight sweater with a monochrome knit scarf or cap.Fitflop Amsterdam Petite size clothes shopping can be fun and the petite size women can look…[Read more]

  • The reaction to this sound is implanted in the dog’s brain by Nature, all mammals abhor snaky, hissy, repetitive sounds; they mean danger and death.War Tone (This excites the Will to Power or Survival Instinct): This tone is very brief, very low, very sharp, very guttural, very repetitive, this is used as a punisher, to force a dog to stop an…[Read more]

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  • Copyright 2005 Jim EdwardsOne of the great joys of the holiday season involves receiving the stack of catalogs that invariably clog the mailbox at the end of my driveway.Not withstanding the hernia I get from carrying them to the house, or the three acres of rainforest timber it took to print them, holiday catalogs provide a never-ending…[Read more]

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